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I wrote a very short guest blog for one of my favorite sites,  Collectors Weekly.  It features a few 1930s Christmas cards, all with a fashionable theme.

A lot has been written about how Hollywood in the 1930s was a “Dream Machine,” that people could go to the local movie house and forget the cares of the day.  It seems to me that much of the print media of the time – everything from greeting cards to advertising – served the same purpose.

Vintage card by Amity


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5 responses to “Guest Blog

  1. Happy Christmas to you and yours! Thanks for all the interesting posts throughout the year.


  2. Vireya, You are welcome, and thanks to you for being such an active reader and commenter. Much appreciated!


  3. Layne Meacham

    How much would a pair of all wool H-C forest green trousers be? Size 46w 30L
    I just bought a brand new pair of the about with the original H & C tag in them! They were made in 1947 and the price in the tag read H & C $ 12.95.
    I paid $10.00 dollars. Layne.


  4. Hi Layne, I’m not an appraiser, so I do not know about the value of your pants. They sound like a very nice find, especially for $10! Was the date on the tags, or how do you know they are from 1947?


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