A View of the Stairs



One of the most interesting about the little house where I have my studio, and the thing that really sold us on it, is the staircase. I hope this gives a good idea of what this charming little feature is really like.

This is my first attempt at adding video to a blog post, and I’m hoping it will not make loading time too slow. I’d appreciate it if any readers would report problems encountered with this new venture!


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11 responses to “A View of the Stairs

  1. I love it, Lizzie! Thanks so much for the tour. It’s a wonderful house!


  2. Oh what a quaint cool little place, and (knowing my haaash Boston accent) I have to say your lilting voice is just darling! Thanks for allowing us a glimpse inside your place. We just got a Flip camera for Christmas and will be trying it out on our RetroRoadtrip down to TX in March, but maybe I’ll give it a trial run here in the Hacienda. You’ve inspired me!


  3. HeHe! I was wondering who would be first to comment on the Southern accent, and I’ve got to say Beth, that you put it so very nicely! And I’m thrilled to be an inspiration.

    Becca, it is a super little house. We had passed by it for years, thinking how cute it was, and we just absolutely lucked into getting to buy it. Lesson: If you see something you want, ASK!


  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s the kind of thing that would have sold me on a house too – that and all the light shining through your workspace! I love the ‘cubbyhole’ at the bottom of the stairs. Was that used for a telephone at one point? My grandmother’s house had one of those where she put her phone and there was a little light too.


  5. Interesting. My husband and I looked at a bungalow with this exact same feature! I couldn’t stop telling people about how charming it was. Makes me wonder if this is one of those house plans you could buy from Sears, Roebuck and Co. Thanks for sharing!


  6. The Vintage Traveller speaks! It’s so great to hear your Southern accent. It makes me smile from ear to ear. The only time I hear one is when I’m Skype-ing with my family back home. A fellow vintage lover & a Southerner…what in this world could be better than that?!


  7. Lizzie – I didn’t know you were a Southern gal! (Not sure why I just said “gal” – I hate that term…) I’m so glad you did this little video for us – what a perfect way to get to know you better!

    I watched it twice so I could see Clark Gable again…and that wonderful Art Deco tray…

    – Susan


  8. Em

    The video was totally fun and it seemed to work perfectly. I, too, enjoyed hearing someone Southern speaking. It reminds me of wonderful times in SC & NC. Your work space is charming.


  9. Lisa, yes that little space is for a telephone and was added to the house, probably in the 1940s when some other changes were made.

    Eileen, the former owners of the house did extensive research on it. They thought it might be a kit house because the oral history of the place indicates that the house pieces were delivered on the train. But they looked through numerous catalogs and resources and never found this plan. There is also some indication that the staircase originally came in from the other side of the house, and I know that because of differences in the materials used, that at least part of it was most likely altered.

    Ladies, had I realized my speaking would bring back such happy memories, I’d have done it sooner!


  10. It’s just as charming as I remember! I have a weak spot for telephone cubbies. And Clark, of course.


  11. Lin

    Love it! (both the video and the house – so charming)


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