1960s Face Hangers

As they say, more than three of anything is a collection, so I guess I have a hanger collection.  These were popular with the Junior High set in the late 1960s, so that means, of course, that they appeal to me today.   These all seem to be made by the same manufacturer, and are screenprinted on plywood.  I love that the hangers have a front and a back.

These are really hard to find today.  I’ve been collecting them for around 10 years, and I only have the six you see here.  But even harder to locate are the ones showing old screen stars.  The late 60s heralded the beginning of a wave of nostalgia among the young, and one manifestation of this was a fascination with the stars of the 30s and 40s.   Two of these are copyright 1967, and the Clark Gable one was featured in a gift guide in Seventeen magazine that Christmas.  They are printed on heavy cardboard and have plastic hooks.

The two companies that made these were Henderson-Hoggard and Famous Faces.    Besides the three I have, there is another Bogart,  WC Fields,  Oliver Hardy, Ben Turpin, Jean Harlow,  Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando.  I’m sure there have to be others, and searching for these online has proved to be difficult.  According to Hake’s, there were hangers showing the Beatles, the Monkees and Jimi Hendrix, most of which I did manage to find.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows more about these hangers.  I did learn that Famous Faces was primarily a poster printer.  That makes sense.


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44 responses to “1960s Face Hangers

  1. wow, what a cool blog, first time here.
    I love anachronisms, especially when they have now become genuinely vintage. I love to think that everyone has always been nostalgic, since I fantasize about the stars of the 60s, it’s great to think of a teen girl fantasizing about the stars from the 30s


  2. KeLLy Ann

    1967 AND The Monkees? Be Still My beating heart….
    Those are awesome.


  3. Skip_G

    I have three face hangers, but they are different than those pictured here. Each is of a woman’s face, with the exact same facial features, but different hair color (red, blond, black) and slightly different eye color on each one. There are no markings on the hangers, not even a copyright, a date, a number- zilch. They are all plastic, and while below the face on each, the hanger is simply white plastic, the entire upper portion of the hanger is printed, including the hook. I’ve had no luck finding any information about them. Any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate. I can send photos to anyone who would like.

    My sister had them when she was little, so they are at least from the 60’s or earlier… very early 70’s at the absolute latest, but I would figure they would have some marking on them if they were that recent.


  4. RockaShelley

    I have a famous faces hanger! i even have the lingerie that came on it!!! it’s funny seeing Paul Newman’s face and shoulders then the pink satin night gown he’s “wearing”. Im so glad i found this artical. I knew NOTHING about these hangers, this was a random gift one of my elderly clients gave me. If anyone want’s it let me know. I have no use for it i just thought it was fun.


  5. Hey there! We just recently found a marlon brando faces hanger in the house we are cleaning out. we don’t know too much about them either, but if your interested, I could certainly get in touch with you 😀 It’s in fairly good shape, with only a crease or two in the cardboard near the pant hanger part at the bottom. If your interested I’d be happy to get you pictures and discuss it a bit more 😀


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  8. For those who have found me via Design for Mankind, welcome! I hope you will stay awhile and explore The Vintage Traveler.


  9. Leo Stamm

    I have a W C Fields hanger from Henderson Hoggard 1967. Anyone interested ?


  10. Mike

    I have one that is dated 1967 Henderson Hoggard Inc. that might be Betty Davis.


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  12. Aimee

    I have two of the Monkee’s hangers from 1967 Reybert Productions. If you are still interested in finding vintage face hangers – my email is yeaplus@hotmail.com. Thanks – like your blog!


  13. I have two different mod girls in great shape as shown in the first pictures. Any idea as to the value on them? I want to list them for sale, but if they aren’t worth too much I will just keep them and begin my own little collection. 🙂 Aren’t they charming?! Thanks!


  14. Taylor

    Ever since reading your entry I’ve been trying to locate some online. Though I underestimated how hard they’d be to find (especially the ones in the first and second photos). But here’s what I’ve found: There’s a woman from France who has two Mod racer girls on etsy but they aren’t as cute as the ones you’ve found and are $39 a piece. There’s a Marlon Brando on ebay for $9.99 right now. I also found a John Lennon and Paul McCartney pair on ebay for $300 but somebody got to them before me. Supposedly the Beatles did a set of hangers for each of their early albums but I only found pics of the Help!, Sgt Pepper, and Yellow Submarine Series. They’re just a really cool piece of pop culture history.


    • That’s interesting. I’ve actually never looked for them online. All the ones I have, I’ve found in antique stores and flea markets. I’d love to have the Beatles, but I’m not in a position to pay $300 for just 2 of them!


  15. I just came across this hanger by Henderson and Hoggard from 1967 and just love it! Here is a link:


  16. Nancy

    I have Clark gable, Harlow, two others that I can’t see face hangers, still in original package. And 4 packages of the Beatles. Does anyone know how much these are worth?


  17. Char

    I do have two face ones from not sure where but pretty sure they are older. I have three new animal ones–two cat hangers and a cow hanger. They are single-sided.


  18. Roy Hoggard

    Lionel Henderson & I were designing something, his wife yelled at the kids,, pick up your clothes,, I thought to create something to entice them, the hangers cane of that, first was 8 children’s hangers in 4 color, then movie stars and Victorian woodcut people.


  19. Michael Krajewski

    I have the 1960 Paul McCartney famous faces hanger. It is in very good condition with plastic hook still intact. Very little wear overall on the entire piece. I have have only seen one other like this one but it is missing hook at the top and has more wear on it. If anyone is interested please contact me. I will be putting it on eBay otherwise. Thank you.


  20. Deb

    I have 3 hangers ..2 of them are little girls and 1 is a boy from the 60’s. let me know if you are interested in them. I can send pics.


  21. Michael

    I have 3, Laurel and Hardy, and W.C. Fields


  22. Lauren Goldberg

    Do you still collect these? We’re auctioning off a set of the Beatles ones (Designed by Heinz Edelmann) in our auction on May 3rd at Swann Galleries!) I came across this post while doing research for the catalogue.


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