A Matchless Surprise

I ran across a very nice selection of 1930s and 40s matchbooks last week.  No, I do not collect matchbooks, but these were too good to pass up as there were quite a few from my little hometown, and even more from Asheville clothing stores.  The one above is from Field’s which was a clothing store for men.  Frankly, this is most likely a bit of false advertising, as the Man Store was in all likelihood Asheville’s most popular store for men.  But then it’s really hard to argue the point when the matches themselves are such a testament to nattiness:

And still more great matches:


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2 responses to “A Matchless Surprise

  1. These have to be the coolest matches I’ve evah seen! Look at those gents. Sartorial splendor. Where did you find these? I like to think they were forgotten in a pocket of a suit like the dapper fellow in the tux.


  2. Joan, I found them in an antique mall. They had a huge fishbowl full of them, and I stood there and went through them all. It wasn’t until I got home that I opened that pack and found the little guys. And there were more just like these! When I back through that town is a few weeks, I’m going back and get the rest of them.


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