Women in Slacks

I rarely dispense fashion advice, so you can count this as one of those rare times.  I was sorting through some photos that needed scanning and I was drawn to all the ones showing women wearing slacks.  What struck me was how fabulous they all looked.  A quick look around your local shopping street will drive home this point:  Women have forgotten how to flatter themselves with a well-cut, well-fitting pair of slacks.

I do realize that a big part of the problem are the choices available in women’s ready-to-wear.   Cheap fabric, skimpy cutting and the ubiquitous low rise make for a lousy pair of pants.  My advice – Invest in one really good pair of black slacks that you know look good and wear them until you find another, equally fabulous pair.  Seriously, forget about having a pair of cheap pants in every color of the rainbow.  Cheap pants are not your friend.

After you find the perfect pair of slacks, make sure they fit.  By that I mean than not only can you breathe while wearing them, you do not have to struggle in order to button the waist.   You can sit without getting a wedgie.

It’s that simple.  Well, not really, because the finding is the hard part.  If you know  (or are) a sewer who knows how to properly fit, then find a pattern you like, vintage or modern, invest in some quality wool, and soon you should have slacks success.


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10 responses to “Women in Slacks

  1. I agree totally! I have seen what a poor fitting cheap pair of pants can do to my look, as well as my ego (no more Old Navy for me thanks), and in turn what a well proportioned piece made of fabric (not tissue paper) can flatter the very same figure.

    Now, you say you don’t dispense fashion advice, but how about shopping advice- have you found any retailers or designers that we could be on the lookout for, that carry such a pair of fitted trousers? I’d gladly invest in something classic that I knew looked good and fit well.


  2. KeLLy Ann

    My favorite era!
    The picture by the lake is my favorite!


  3. Love these scans! So classy!


  4. Amen, sister! I’m posting this on my FB page. Great advice!


  5. YES. This is why I own no slacks. I’m with ModBetty–any suggestions for places to find a good pair, or have a pair made?


  6. So true, Lizzie! It is so difficult to find flattering slacks, especially if your short and pudgy like me! It helps to be tall and lean like the gals in your photos, they all look fabulous & chic. I have a book about Evita and there is one photo of her in white slacks and a navy blazer and she looks so chic and sophisticated…


  7. Hear, hear, Lizzie! Slacks can be most becoming to a woman, skimming the derrière just right and making the legs look longer. Yes, the finding and/or sewing part is the hard part, but once it’s done you’ve got it made. If you sew, find a pattern you like (our #250 Hollywood Pants pattern is an option) and take it to a dressmaker or seamstress to fit the pattern pieces to your measurements. Then you can make that pattern again and again, with beautiful results.


  8. I’m afraid that I’m such a terrible retail shopper that I can’t make a suggestion. The last pair I bought came from a consignment store and were Chado Ralph Rucci. Now there’s a guy who knows how to cut slacks… at a price. If you love the look in the photos, take Kate’s advice and check out Folkwear’s Hollywood Pants: http://www.folkwear.com/250.html


  9. I LOVE this post! It is so true! I pretty much had quit wearing pants except on rare occasions (super rainy days, ice skating, early morning swapmeets), while craving the look of Katherine Hepburn, but was having the worst time trying to find a pair of pants akin to hers! This winter though I had the luxury of finding a pair of vintage sailor pants that have earned my love and affection to no end, and just purchased another pair. I hope to find a sewing pattern soon so I can have a great 40s pair of brown slacks.

    By the way, I tweeted this post because I loved it so much!


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