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I bet I’m not alone when I say that I just do not know how search engines work.  Not that I haven’t tried, mind you.  In a constant effort to raise my daily blog views back to where they were before I moved, I read everything on SEO (Search Engine Optimization for those of you NOT similarly obsessed)

It helps to know exactly what it is that others are searching for, and wordpress gives bloggers a handy list of all the phrases that bring searchers to your site.  Most of them make sense.  I get lots of traffic from people looking for Juli Lynne Charlot, vintage ski wear 1960s and Pointer Brand denim.  But some are very puzzling.

My current favorite is: close up of child’s knees.  Do I even want to think about what prompted that?  An artist, perhaps, without a child near, in need of a model.  Let’s hope that is it.

But what really prompted this rambling post is this one: how to dirty garment label for vintage look.

Seriously, I’ll not be writing about that anytime in this century, but I would like to suggest to the searcher than instead of spending time on the internet looking for ways to fool people, that your time might be better spent going out there and finding some authentic vintage clothing.  I’ll even help you find it, as I did the person who searched: where do sellers find vintage clothing for their store.

Those of you who really know me know that I have a real bent toward smart-assness.  But I’m going to control the urge, and just let the following speak for themselves.  And yes, I got blog hits from all of these.

how big do beacon blankets get?

graphic sex books

a pre skii clothes

scandal scandalous christmas

atire for 1910

black and white checkered dress shirt

american family snacking 1948

where did vintage clothes originate from?




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12 responses to “Topics Not Found Here

  1. Now we’ve got a reason to love you all the More Lizzie, for your smart-assed bent! And here I was thinking all along that you were some genteel southern lady who would blanch at my Northern wit 🙂

    I know what you mean about looking at your stats and whatnot and can report a funny story. I was alarmed recently to find that a link had been made from my page to pages entitled “Porn Supermarket” and “Sex Articles”! I was sure it was spam, but followed the link, wondering how on earth my site would’ve been linked to that.

    Well I had to laugh because it was an actual legitimate link, from a Flickr friend that I had donated some old travel slides (that I had rescued from someone’s trash) to, and she had found some old slides from Amsterdam in the collection I had given her, and posted the more racy ones to her blog:

    So sometimes they are a mystery and other times they somehow strangely work.


  2. That knees one is a bit disturbing at the very least.


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  4. Okay, those are some pretty hiliarous search terms! Well, in the case of “how to dirty a garment label for vintage look” NOT so hilarious.


  5. Now I’m wondering, “where did vintage clothes originate from?” Is “vintage” some country somewhere that I’ve never heard of? Perhaps I need to google that one to find out…


  6. the search words people used are direct so to me i appreciate the directness of it than your knee one. do you know why pussy bows are called that? and i can’t help but use the word sexy for the secretary dresses on sale at my online store.


  7. Weird! Great response!


  8. I’m still amazed that Google now can decipher misspellings. Just a few years ago “a pre skii” would have probably turned up 0 results!


  9. I have to admit to checking out the weird search phrases to my blog too. But awhile back when I used live models, there were some not too cool searches relating to my models. That was enough to get me to start using the French forms, no more real girls on my site!


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