Vintage Miscellany – February 27, 2011

This vintage photo is labeled Palm Springs, so I guess their picnic season is a bit longer than it is for most of us.   It’s not quite picnic weather, but here in the South it is inching up toward 70*.  Not bad for February!

But no matter what the weather, enjoy the vintage links for this week

*  VFG member Tina Koeppe has curated an exhibit on Willa Cather’s clothing, an exhibit that is now on view at the Nebraska History Museum.  Tina gives an excellent talk about Cather’s clothing which can be viewed on Youtube.

*  Tonight is Oscar night.  At On this Day in Fashion, they are  celebrating the actresses who have bucked convention.

*  Glovemaking is a dying art in many places.  Here is a fascinating look at glovemakers at Dents.

*  The Charleston Museum has a new tumblr where they will be featuring Textile Tuesdays. Check in each week for a new item from their collection.

*  And finally, everything you ever wanted to know about flip-flops!

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