Fuller Modern Masters Fabrics – 1955

It’s always a treat when one of these Fuller fabrics comes to light, so it really made my day when Mona of Redbuckaro emailed me that she had found a dress with one of them.  To new readers who have not seen me go on and on about the art fabrics of the 1950s, here is a link to a Klee fabric post from last year.    This trend was picked up by major retailers, including JC Penney, who released their own art prints.

Mona’s dress has a print designed by Fernand Leger, and is called “Vitrail”  which is French for stained glass.  The modern mix of reds and pinks makes for one stunning print.  To learn more about this Fuller line, you can read an article from the November 15, 1955 issue of Life magazine.

The dress is labeled Judy ‘n Jill, which was a mid-priced maker of clothes for young women.  Mona has just decided to sell the dress, and you can see it in her ebay store.

This is just a reminder, but you should always look for selvedges when inspecting a vintage piece.  The fabric makers often put valuable information on them (they still do, actually) and it was the selvedge that let Mona know what a prize she had found.  I’ve even found fabrics that were dated.


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11 responses to “Fuller Modern Masters Fabrics – 1955

  1. Em

    How absolutely gorgeous–stained glass in textile form. The selvedges are a wealth of information. As always, thank you for sharing your research, knowledge and wisdom.


  2. great informative post. Must say that both the fabric and print of that dress are just gorgeous, so womanly


  3. What a lovely dress, I have a few 1950s dresses that have patterns inspired by abstract art, I’ll have to check the selvidge to see if they’re actually designed by someone important.


  4. vmills

    I have been traveling and moving around for the past 20 years with a bunch of fabric. I finally pulled out this fabric which I received from my grandmother in the 90’s. I always wondered the history of it so in looking I found your site. She has had it for years and turns out what she gave me was 8 yards of fabric form Fuller Fabrics, “Pierrot and Harlequin” by Picasso. A Modern Master Original. D.B Fuller & Co. I am not sure of the value or worth but found some minimal history. I was hoping with your expertise, you could help me figure out a little more detail.
    Thank You for any info,


  5. vmills

    Thanks for writing back, I did receive your email. I am unpacking from moving and located my camera. I am sending pictures your way today.
    Thanks again.


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  9. Just last week ( May 2017)I saw two more Fuller Textiles designed by Fernand Leger. They are on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. One is “The Circus” ( http://collections.lacma.org/node/2110181 ) and the other, in addition to “Vitrail,” is “Two Figures.” ( http://collections.lacma.org/node/2110177 ) LACMA also has Fuller fabrics designed by Dufy, Miro, Chagall, Picasso (but not the one V. Mills sent pictures of for you post.) I do hope she found a museum that wanted to buy it! http://collections.lacma.org/node/2109998 shows them all.


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