Vintage Miscellany – March 5, 2011

*  Jonathan Walford of the Fashion History Museum did an interview on Australian Radio on the topic of 1940s Wartime Fashion. Not to be missed!

*  Some of the Duchess of Windsor’s clothing and personal items will be auctioned by Kerry Taylor  in London on March 17.  Here is a preview with Ms. Taylor.

*  Kim at True Up interviewed Jay McCarroll about his new fabric designs, here and here.

*  March 25 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in which 146 workers were killed.  There is an exhibition at the Grey Art Gallery at New York University, and the PBS series the American Experience did a show on the fire which can be viewed online.

* In spite of the John Galliano scandal of the past week, the Dior show was held as planned,  Well, not exactly as planned, because at the end of the show the applause was for the petites mains – the atelier staff of sewers.

*   Many blogs commented on Livia Firth’s Oscar dress, the one refashioned from 11 vintage dresses.  She and Lucy Siegle got a chance to respond to the criticism on The Huffington Post.

*  Up-cycling is not a new concept.  It wasn’t even new in 1986 when Molly Ringwald’s character in Pretty in Pink famously turned her friend’s vintage dress into the prom-dress-horror-of-all-time.

*  Marisa Tomei wore a 1950s Charles James gown to the Oscars.  Reactions to it were mixed, and this essay from 560, the Parsons School of Fashion blog attempted to explain why the dress fell short.  Personally, I feel like she needed a necklace.

But more than that, it was very surprising to see a Charles James dress being worn.  His work is very rare, and very valuable.  I do realize that clothing was made to be worn, but I can’t help but recall what happened when Kate Moss  wore a 1930s gown and when Natalia Vodianova wore her Fortuny.  I know we all love vintage, but face it, wearing it can be risky.

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