A Last Look at Winter Sports

I promise, this is the last post about snowy weather until December.  By then I’ll have forgotten how cold and inconvenient snow is and will be looking forward to it again.  But now I, like most of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, am tired of snow.  Still, I have a few things I never got around to talking about, and since it snowed here this morning, I might as well take the chance that none of you winter-weary readers will just click away to a warmer site.

First up, this super vintage photo of French skiers, circa 1937.  Proof that the French do not need a Parisian backdrop in order to look chic.


Next, a darling little skating skirt I found on etsy.  I just could not resist that alpine-inspired trim sewn around the hem.  And check out that cute label.

So here’s hoping spring won’t be late this year.  Today, the high here was 42* with a stiff north wind.  Tomorrow is to be sunny and 65*.  And my new best friend, otherwise known as the weatherman, is predicting 70* by the middle of next week.

Still I know I’m being lured into a fool’s paradise.  This last photo is dated 4-4-55!


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3 responses to “A Last Look at Winter Sports

  1. i had put that skirt in a treasury about skating! i love it when i can figure out who buys stuff. neat!


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