Currently Viewing: Two for the Road

There are some films that have to be on every fashion lover’s list, and that includes most of those staring Audrey Hepburn.  Two for the Road is a bit different from the usual Audrey fare:  she does not wear Givenchy couture and the leading man is not a tottering old geezer.  I’ll just address the clothing here.

The clothes were not so much designed as they were styled.  It was decided that the usual Givenchy was too posh for the character, and so they bought the clothing off the rack.  What you end up with is an interesting assemblage of 1966 styles, with clothing from Cacherel, Mary Quant and Rabanne and everything in-between.  At 37, Audrey was a bit old for many of the styles, but her slim figure certainly made them look great anyway.

January 1967, McCall’s

McCall’s magazine did a feature on Audrey and the clothes she wore in the film, and her observations say a lot about how she felt about clothing.  She was notoriously picky about comfort and fit, and so she really disliked wearing a Paco Rabanne metal disc dress, saying it was impossible to sit in it because it was so painful.  She also disliked a V de V (designed by Michele Rosier) vinyl pantsuit, saying it did not breathe.

What got high marks were two jersey dresses by American designer Ken Scott.  Scott was working in Milan, Italy, designing bold, colorful prints which were often in Ban-Lon.  She liked these so much that she kept the two (in the photo at right and bottom left), saying she would wear them for years to come.  “I want to stay in fashion, but being young in spirit counts more toward looking young than dressing in a hippy style.”

The blue print is my favorite look from the movie, and for years I’ve wanted a Ken Scott to add to my collection.  Last week I took a break and visited a new Goodwill, and as I was going through the rack I came across a Ban-Lon print, and the hopeful thought went through my mind…”Ken Scott?”   And sure enough, it was.  Not as pretty as Audrey’s but still, a good example in excellent condition for $2.


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3 responses to “Currently Viewing: Two for the Road

  1. Score!

    I think that intuition rewarded with success is probably the best vintage shopping rush I know!


  2. You bought a Ken Scott dress for $2 by chance at Goodwill?! I’m completely jealous.


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