Hidden Vintage Surprise

I found this pretty skirt at the Goodwill Clearance Center this week.  After finding it I debated with myself the merits of keeping it.  I have a nice collection of 1950s gathered skirts, but I’ve managed to limit it to only those having a travel themed print.

But the print was so great that I rationalized away all my objections.  The dark coral color is printed with a metallic gold with accents of  light blue, teal and purple.  Besides, there was a cute label, Sport Time of California.

After getting it home I put it on the ironing board so I could do a quick photo for my files, and that is when I noticed a seam was split up the center front.  An easy fix, I thought as I was beginning to wonder why I even bought it.  Then I realized, the split seam was intentional, and below the skirt was a pair of built-in pedal-pushers!

Yes, pedal-pushers, not capris, as these are shorter than a pair of capris would be.  This is a garment for which there is no name, as far as I know.  But all the years I sold vintage clothes, it was probably the most requested item.  And this is only the second pair I’ve ever had.

Funny how quickly a purchase I was so lukewarm about turned into the prize of the day!


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4 responses to “Hidden Vintage Surprise

  1. Em

    Totally fantastic! And in a lovely color and print…


  2. ok now i can only hope topshop learns of this and recreates some for me…


  3. What a beautiful color and what a find – I love surprises like this when thrifting.


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