The Start of Flea Market Season

Today was the long-awaited beginning of my favorite season of the year – flea market season!  I made the trek to Charlotte to the Metrolina Antique Expo, or properly put, the International Collectibles & Antiques Show.

I’ve been a regular at this market for quite a while.  Several years ago there was some sort of dispute, and the group split, greatly decreasing the number of vendors.  And today’s market was the smallest I can remember.  However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

It’s now of a size that I can shop the entire thing without feeling rushed and ending up exhausted.  And even better, the quality of vendors seems to have improved.  I did not see a single tube sock, nor did I spot any fake designer handbags.  That’s huge.

Best of all, today there were more vintage clothing and textiles sellers than ever before.  There was an amazing assortment of very nice things, and prices were quite reasonable.  It’s really great when one can go and pick up some wonderful new things without breaking the bank!

Tomorrow, what came home with me.  In the meantime, here are some shots of the fun I had.

This vendor had some feedsacks with the paper labels intact.  The user would soak the sack in water to melt the glue holding the label onto the sack.

Detail of a 1940s blouse.  What a button!

And, of course, what is a flea market without cute pups.  And here is one of the cutest.


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5 responses to “The Start of Flea Market Season

  1. oh, Lizzie, that looks like a wonderful sale! the flour sacks??!! beautiful!


  2. This would be like walking into heaven for me. It’s really hard to find vintage clothing up here in PA at a flea market (it’s more the tube-sock variety — you gotta really dig to get to the good stuff!). Thank you for posting about how women removed the labels from the feed sacks too. I wondered how one made dresses from them when there would have been a label. Or did women just buy the cloth at a store? Both? In either case, the patterns are beautiful.


    • Lisa, most flea markets around here are like that as well. I had t drive 2 and a half hours to get to this one. I’ve make some very nice finds at the worst imaginable fleas, but for the most part, a visit to one ends up being a big waste of time.

      The answer to your question is both.people always saved these to use, but many of the fabrics were also sold in dry goods stores.


  3. Oooh, I’m also digging the flour sacks – and we stayed in Statesville NC on the first night of our RetroRoadtrip! But to be honest I’m coveting that bright mod print shift – can’t wait ’till it’s warmer out so I can wear my dresses! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see what you came home with!


  4. Beth, the shift was really nice. It was made of wonderful silk and lined.


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