Flea Market Season – The Spoils

Half the fun of going to a good sale is getting home and going through the booty.  It’s almost like discovering it all over again.  How about that little leather mittens pin?  Who knew such an adorable little thing even existed?

I love this cocktail print shirt.  I mean it gets the message across with shouting MARTINI like so many modern novelty prints do.  Yes, I do love an understated drinking shirt.

The thing about quality is that it really sticks out on a rack of ratty old clothes.  I knew without seeing the label that this LBD was a winner.  And how! Its label reads Jacques Heim Jeunes Filles, which was couturier Heim’s ready-to-wear label for young women.  Still, very high quality, and a super dress to boot.

This great apron is part of my on-going crusade to make aqua, pink, olive green and red the official Christmas colors.  Note the parachutes atached to the angels, packages and New Years baby!

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of circus prints, but the harlequin figure sold me on this one.

A new gardening skirt.  I intend on looking every bit as cute as the two Italian girl gardeners on my pockets!

And finally, six pages of photos of Camp Fire Girls at Camp Glenn-Lowry, along with an account of their adventures in the North Carolina mountains.  Expect to see more of those girls.


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6 responses to “Flea Market Season – The Spoils

  1. seaside

    The grey dress is stunning. I love the Christmas print, as I do aprons. These are all great finds.


  2. Wow I love everything in this post, excellent finds! 🙂


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