New Folkwear Pattern – The Metro Middy Blouse

You all know how I love a great middy blouse, so I was tickled to see Folkwear’s latest pattern, an up-dated middy.   This one would be great as a blouse, as seen on the left, but I really love the untucked, swingy version.  This would make a super spring-into-summer jacket.

If you have not already read my homage to the middy, it really is a garment with an interesting history.

Top Image courtesy and copyright of Folkwear

June 18, 1916


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3 responses to “New Folkwear Pattern – The Metro Middy Blouse

  1. liz weisz

    Interesting. When i was young the school uniform for girls included the middy in many high schools in Hungary, Europe, until cca 1990… Now I wonder why.

    Most of them were made of cheap materials, were unfitting and too warm to wear in our climate. The middies in the pictures, however, look so nice.


  2. Marie

    On the pattern envelope which skirt is that worn with the untucked middy.


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