Novelty Print Travel skirt – Calypso Time!

I’m in trouble now – I just bought another border print skirt after almost a year of resisting them.  I really wanted this one because I’m pretty sure it is by the same artist who did the Tin Horn Holiday and the Oasis ones.

I say I’m pretty sure, because due to some unfortunate cutting, the selvage is lost on this print. If you look at the photo, notice that the design just ends at the bottom like a 6-year-old’s drawing.  That’s because it has been cut there.  Yes, cut, without even room for a decent hem.  But just as bad (in my opinion) is the loss of the selvage and the information contained there.

The area below the cut line probably had a design like that of the waistband.  It looks to be a take on primitive art depicting sealife.  See the turtle?

I know it is a lot more trouble, but the way to shorten a border print is from the waist.  You would remove the waistband, take off the needed inches, regather the top, and reattach the waistband.  Yes, trouble, but worth the effort.


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2 responses to “Novelty Print Travel skirt – Calypso Time!

  1. This is a cute design, even if it was chopped off by someone who wore it once to a 50’s party and couldn’t bother to fold up the extra length with scotch tape.

    BTW, after your post earlier on these skirts, I happened upon one that seemed to me to be alot like one that you have: a Las Vegas theme with palm trees and autos driving in the background. After taking some on-the-spot photos, I relented and bought it. Here are some pix at the vintage shop where I found it:
    (p.s. these skirts are really rare here on the west coast!)


    • Yes, that is the Tin Horn Holiday one! It would be interesting to see how many different colorways they made .

      The selvage info should be in the hem. If it is turned under you can undo a bit of it and you might be rewarded with “Regulated Cottons, Inc. Tin Horn Holiday.”

      There is another print in this series I’ve decided I must have. Actually, I had it years ago, found in a thrift store for $2, and stupidly sold it. The print is of an English foxhunt, with hounds and horses and red jackets. The fox is sitting on a sign that reads “No Hunting Allowed.”


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