Vintage on the Golf Course

About a month ago I got an email from Louise (that’s her, above) asking my advice about an event her country club was going to hold.  In honor of the over 100 year old golf course reopening after renovation, they were having a “hickory stick” tournament, where the players were to dress in vintage.  She needed help finding something to wear, and had found my photo essay on golf clothing.  I quickly found a few items  on etsy, and she bought the dress she’s wearing.

It was so nice to see how the event played out.  The men are mostly in knickers and argyle, looking very snappy!  More photos:

I’m hoping some industrous person made these for the event.  It rather bothers me to think these knickers might actually be on the market…

And while this lady’s ensemble is not vintage, it sure looks to me like she gave careful consideration to vintage photos of Coco Chanel in her sporty slacks!

All photos copyright and courtesy of Louise Griffeth


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10 responses to “Vintage on the Golf Course

  1. Argyle plus fours?!?!? I hope those ARE available on the market, as my husband would surely want a pair (he’s so tall that it’s impossible to find vintage that fits).


  2. Oh, Lizzie, great post. But I am sad to inform you, those pants are on the market. You can get them in 6 colorways.


  3. oops – late to the party again!


  4. Loved these retro style golfing outfits – inspired me to dig out a photo of an Art Deco fairing of a lady playing netall or maybe even soccer, resplendent in big floppy hat, tie and waistcoat – posted on my blog if anyone is interested in seeing it. Best, Karen


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