Can’t Have it All!

I just had to show this sweet little figurine after Karen of Brocobelle posted yesterday in the comments about a sporty girl she has.   I had never before noticed a figurine of this type, so was struck by the coincidence of seeing two very similarly attired girls withing a few days.

This sporty girl in a rowboat with a Scottie sure did grab my attention.  For a split second I thought I had to own her.  But I’ve taken a page from Mod Betty at Retro Roadmap’s book, and I’ve decided that sometimes a photograph of an object is just going to have to do.  There are only so many vintage tchotchkes that a person can own before the house starts to look like a Mid Century gift shop.

The truth is, the more I collect, the more I do realize that I do not have to have it all.  And that is a good thing, as I spend much less money, and I no longer worry about it all taking over my house.  I’m able to focus on the things I really want/need.  And there are plenty of things falling into that category to keep me searching for a good long time.


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3 responses to “Can’t Have it All!

  1. Em

    Aw, though I do know what you mean about not wanting your place to look like midcentury shop (or a curious curio shop in my eclectic case), it is hard to pass up something that seems to capture a little something special about you as the sporty figurine does. I have had to really cut back and I’m glad I’ve edited down (and have done the picture thing too). Now, if I could only get my otherwise zen husband to stop hoarding running race t-shirts…


  2. I’m not sure I could have passed that adorable sporty girl by, although I do get your point! I tried to renounce collecting in 2000 when I sold up an awful lot of my stuff (or gave it away) and went to university to study history of design. A lot of collecting is motivated by curiosity (mine is, at least), and I thought that I’d rather learn about things than be burdened with them.

    Anyway, it didn’t work for long – I’ve fallen off the wagon again big style! Thanks for the nudge, Lizzie, I’m overdue a clearout.


  3. Obviously the sister of my sporting lady sailed away and overseas – maybe she wanted a rest from all that sport she was forced to play here in England! Cutest little Scottie, too. -x-


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