Modern Master Original by Fuller Fabrics

It’s always fun when someone comments on a post which leads to us seeing a new chapter of a fashion story.  In this case, Vicci posted on one of the posts I’ve made about the 1955  Modern Master Original series by Fuller Fabrics.

About 20 years ago Vicci’s grandmother gave her a length of fabric, which she has kept through moving about over the years.  She finally got around to looking up the information on the selvage, which let her to The Vintage Traveler.  What she has is 8 yards of  “Pierrot and Harlequin” by Picasso, from the  Modern Master Original series by D.B Fuller & Co.   Super design, and what about those colors?!

After the first garments were designed and made by Claire McCardell, the fabrics were made available to other manufacturers and as yardage to home sewers.   Keep your eyes open for these, and remember to always check the selvages of garments too.  It’s the only way these prints are identified.

After emailing back and forth, I just found out that Vicci just moved from Asheville.  Small world!


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3 responses to “Modern Master Original by Fuller Fabrics

  1. Ah, fabulous! Yes, check those selvages.


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