Vintage Miscellany – June 5, 2011

Here’s another Bobby-soxer, but I don’t think she is as cute as my mother!  This is dated 1951.

*  Here’s an interesting blog post concerning the pneumonia blouse, that dangerous blouse from Edwardian days ( via Two Nerdy History Girls)

*  We had a conversation here not too long ago about the size of a woman’s wardrobe in the past as compared to today.  Elizabeth has done the research.

*  Marimekko continues to delight me!

*  Time is running out on Fashioning an Education: 150 Years of Vassar Students and What They Wore.

*  Haven’t been to Paris lately?  Laura Helms tells us what we missed at Fashion Projects.  (via Exhibiting Fashion)

*   The catalogue for the upcoming auction of the Debbie Reynolds Costume Collection is now available to download.  June 18, 2011, in Beverly Hills, of course.

*  The blog Ivy Style has an interesting post about the making of madras.

*  More cost cutting is on it way to the clothing industry.  To quote:  “Most garment manufacturers take care to make changes that won’t be spotted easily by consumers.”

*  This is from a few years ago, but lovely all the same:  A look inside Jeanne Lanvin’s library.

*  And finally, a great piece from On This Day in Fashion on the founding of the ILGWU.

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