An interview with Me


Pam at GlamourSplash has interviewed me for her blog and I tell all about my collecting and love of fashion history.

Thanks so much, Pam!


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5 responses to “An interview with Me

  1. Awesome interview!
    You may have already addressed this in another post, but how do you display your vintage at home? Or is it packed away? I wear a lot of my dresses, but there are some that are too fragile to wear and are more for show. When we finally clear out some space, maybe that can actually happen!


  2. Mei

    I discovered Cheap Chic while working in the library in London… LOVE IT! Congrats on your interview.


  3. Lisa, I don’t keep my collection in the house in which we live. We have a little Victorian cottage that houses it and serves as my sewing studio and guest house. I have a few items displayed on dress forms at all times, but most of it is just on the eight storage racks and in boxes.


  4. Loved reading your interview. I agree about the thrift (charity) shops – even 6 years ago I could run my eye along a rack of clothing and pick out the 70s and earlier vintage – now there is so much new clothing made in the vintage style that I have to look at the label on each piece to check!!


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