Vintage Miscellany – July 17, 2011

As this woman from 1958 proves, just because you are trailer camping does not mean you have to look like a vagabond.  She’s all dressed up and ready to roll.

And so am I:

*  I’m probably not the only one who does not think “fashion” when I think of the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont.  But they currently do have an exhibit of some of their permanent costume collection, plus work by FIT students who “completed the look” by making skirts to go with antique bodices in the Shelburne’s collection.  Through October 30, 2011.

*  And here is some video and a review of the Shelburne show.

*  “You may be pretty in your hometown, but this is New York”  Some 1939 advice for the young lady in Manhattan  from writer and newpaper columist Lee Mortimer. via vintage_darling 

*  And to finally put to rest a contemporary myth – that of the Underground Railroad map quilt. via 2nerdyhistgirls 

*  Coming in September, a book on Eleanor Lambert, written by former assistant John Tiffany.

*  I’ve been writing for some time that the meaning of the word “vintage” has strangely mutated, that retailers have taken the word to mean “our new trendy, cheaply made junk that faintly looks like something your mother wore in 1975.”  This article suggests that sellers of old clothing need to consider getting themselves a new word.

*  Much of it is now sold, but Katy Kane has a wonderful collection of early Marimekko for sale at 1st Dibs.

*  For those of you who are loving the trend for chicken feathers in the hair.

*  Liz, a reader in Hungary, sent this link to some beautiful images of people in  Budapest, Hungary.  Scroll down to bee some super sportswear from the 1930s – 1950s.

*   A little Hermès history, and an insight as to why they have resisted LVMH so strongly.

*  I know I’ve posted this before, but I cannot get enough of the  Hermès website.  Travel the World of Hermès

*  And to end with, here’s a really nice blog on Dior, posted on a fun fashion history blog, Advantage In Vintage.

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