Liberty’s 1937

The lovely things are at Liberty’s

For anyone interested in textiles who is traveling to London, a visit to the wonderful Liberty store on Great Marlborough Street is a must.  The store itself is amazing, with the nooks and crannies filled with the most wonderful scarves and accessories made from Liberty fabrics, not to mention the fabrics themselves.  And for those not lucky enough to visit the store personally, there is the catalog.

Liberty was opened in 1875, and by the 1880s, the store was putting out a catalog.  The modern catalogs are beautifully done, with each page designed to make you feel like you *need* the latest Liberty watch or scarf or note cards.  But to me, the vintage catalogs are even more special, with each page a delightful assortment of the type of goods that made Liberty famous.

As you might imagine, I was thrilled to find this catalog from 1937.  It’s filled with the types of things I love to find. As the catalog copy puts it:

Think of something rare and beautiful – we sell it.  Think of something pretty and cheap – we sell it.  Think of  something especially fashionable – here it is.  Think of something worthy to present to the person you love best in the world (or to yourself) – we have a dozen of them.

So sit back and enjoy “shopping” in Liberty’s, circa 1937.  Click on each page for a larger view.

And come back tomorrow for a short history of Liberty of London and a view of some of the beautiful printed fabrics.


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13 responses to “Liberty’s 1937

  1. Holy. Smokes. Now THIS is a catalog I’d like to shop from!


  2. Wow! What incredible illustrations and images. They really know how to do ‘luxury’ that’s for sure. It’s all in the detail. Thanks so much for posting about this.


  3. Carol

    What fun to look at this catalog. My first encounter with Liberty was at Waechter’s Silk Shop in Asheville in the 1970s. Now I enjoyed looking at the handknit scarves.


  4. OMG-breathtaking-thank you for all the scans! I was at the London store last March and if I may offer a word of advice to those who may also visit: make sure to give yourself a day to see everything. The store is several floors (3 or 4 or 5) and the sensory and visual overload is overwhelming to ordinary folks let alone to we vintageophiles! Good idea to break for lunch (or tea) inbetween shopping.



  5. I’ll take one each, please


  6. liz weisz

    This catalogue is amazing. Thanks for posting it.


  7. I adored Liberty when I visited that beautiful department store in 2007. It truly is a wonder and seeing these scans from their 1937 catalogue makes me wish I could’ve also visited it back then. Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your discoveries! Liberty is one of my favourite brands/stores ever and so I am going to spend a happy 10 minutes looking through the photos. Thank you! Karen


  9. Wow what an incredible catalog, that is an amazing piece of history!! Even in the scans, the fabrics look so soft, I feel like I should be able to touch my computer screen and feel them.


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