Rambling Thoughts

I’m back from the big Hillsville, Virginia Flea and ready to share a bit. First up, the one I just barely got before the sky opened up and rain poured down, closing the market an hour early.  Can you guess what I bought from the above display?

I bet those of you who are regular readers are thinking the hatbox, and that is a great guess, but I already had that particular box.  No, I bought the Hapi Cat box handbag, an Enid Collins favorite.  I’m really not a particular fan of cats, (having lived though nineteen years of Aramis  the Wonder Cat) but I, and most Collins of Texas fans, have always thought the cat was one of her best motifs.  I’d tell you what I paid, but I’m afraid it would inspire envy.  Even with the missing jewels, it was a very hapi find.

Otherwise, it was an Art Deco sort of trip, with all my other purchases coming from 1925-1932ish.  I can’t complain about that.

But on the whole, this flea market trip has gotten to be a bit too much.  The main problem is that anything goes here.  This does not pretend to be an antiques market.  It started out as a gun show and just grew and grew.  Today there are some wonderful antiques and collectibles sellers, but there is a heck of a lot of down right junk, and it is all mixed together so that to find the good stuff you have to pass by an awful lot of pure tacky.  It all just leaves me exhausted.

So, this may be my last trip to Hillsville.  It’s weekends like this that make me wish I were farther north so I could easily go to the vintage show at Sturbridge, and the fields at Brimfield.

I also liked:

Very nice sweater, but I’m just not set up for fur.

These prints are quite common, but always pricy.  Pretty, no?  There are several others in the series.

And just for a smile, a bit of Holt Howard.

I took the slow road home, just because I needed to catch my breath.  In this case, the slow road is the Blue Ridge Parkway, which follows the crest of the Blue Ridge from the middle of Virginia through western North Carolina.

This is Grandfather Mountain.  On the far left, near the bottom is the Linn Cove Viaduct, a specially designed bridge that was built so as not to disturb the fragile eco-system of Grandfather.  It curves around the mountain, and was the last link of the road to be completed, in 1983 at a cost of $10,000,000.  You can actually park and go under the Viaduct for a very interesting view of it.


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7 responses to “Rambling Thoughts

  1. I think that certain TV shows and online selling opportunities have changed flea markets alot, don’t you? First: many sellers now think that every piece of junk is worth a fortune, and second: the good guys don’t bother to show up because they get more by selling online.


    • Every year two or three of the best sellers from previous years do not show up to sell. Could be they are selling online.

      Another way the internet affects shows is that sellers are using the web as a price guide. I had a woman yesterday tell me that she knew all about designer fashions and their value because she looks them up on ebay.


  2. I guessed the Enid Collins bag first of all, then changed my mind to the hat box! Such a lovely presentation. It’s definitely my kind of market, but I understand what you mean about all the ‘trashy’ stalls.


  3. I guessed the hat box, of course! I loved seeing the view of your drive home. You may have gotten a sweet deal on the Collins bag, but I’m in awe and envy of the scenic view that’s yours. Lucky Lizzie. 🙂


  4. Em

    Great pictures! I miss the mountains. Two of my favorite church charity thrifts that use to have wonderful prices have found the internet, so if you go in the brick and mortar shops, you don’t see the best stuff, some stuff is marked up to silly levels considering the condition of the items, and many worthless things are priced as if they were treasures (misidentified). C’est la vie, I guess.


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