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Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather has turned fall-like, which is a real relief after the scorching summer we have suffered through.  Still, it’s sad to see summer leave us.  I love the green mountains, and the roadside flowers and being able to take my morning walk with looking like I’m on an Arctic trek.   My problem is that I can’t fully appreciate our super fall weather for worrying about the winter.  I need to do like our cover girl and sport a cozy sweater, a cool pair of jeans and sneakers.

Well, cozy up and enjoy this week’s links:

*  Were you a big Blondie fan?  Well, hurry over to 1st Dibs where 30 pieces of Debbie Harry’s vintage collection are now for sale.  via dandelionvintage

*  Fashion in Italy: 150 Years of Elegance runs through January 8, 2012 at Le Venaria Reale. via  @brennaariel

*  The next vintage and couture auction at Lestlie Hindman is Tuesday, September 20. via @michellekauf

*  Elissa at Dress with Courage has written a nice article on Whiting and Davis handbags.

*  This has been coming for some time:  The rising cost of textiles may bring an end to cheap, fast fashion.

*   Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones  at the Bard Graduate Center, NYC,  through April 15, 2012.

*  Here’s a fashion week I can relate to : Paris, 1947.  via @RaquelLaneri 

*  Is Fashion Art?  a talk by Valerie Steele.

*  NPR did a segment on Maison Lesage.

*  Love fashion illustration?  Then see this post at Monica D. Murgia on Rene Gruau.

*  The new book on Eleanor Lambert by John Tiffany has been released.


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2 responses to “Vintage Miscellany

  1. Amanda

    Great information Lizzie. On the hat expo – you say it “openED” and then you give 2012 for the year.. ? I’m going to go check out most of those links.


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