Ad Campaign: Skyway Fashion Luggage, 1952

If you could see through luggage, Skyway would stand out even more!

Vacationers with inside information choose Skyway!

And I love “Perpetually Matchable!”

To have a set of the white with blue trim would be a dream come true!


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8 responses to “Ad Campaign: Skyway Fashion Luggage, 1952

  1. Gosh they are lovely. I have a set of white and blue trim suitcases but nothing like this quality – also they were really dirty when I bought them as the guy was storing them outside in the rain. Can’t quite clean them up but will have another go.


  2. So glamorous. They really knew how to travel in style. Great illustrations too.


  3. KC

    I dimly recall such luggage before it was “vintage”, when air travel was glamorous!
    BTW, I’ve tagged you for an award on my blog. Hope you don’t mind.


  4. Bijoux

    I know this ad is 1952, but the beautiful white cases in the lower ad I’d love to own and co-ordinate with a car with white walled tyres! Yep, I know they are more associated with the 30s, but just so plush. … Sigh. I wish similar items today were sold at these prices.

    Could someone tell me what the brown circular object is that’s kept in place with the 2 ruched satin retainers in the lid with the bottles? It’s hardly likely to be the discus it looks like.


  5. Had to get back to this post to tell you, BBC TV here in the UK is starting a drama series called Pan Am next week. I’ll look out for these in it, I bet they show up. I’ve seen a promo for it and it’s looks full of wonderful retro stuff from the 50s and 60s. I just hope it’s more enjoyable than Mad Man. I found the sexual politics in that so dark as to make it un-watchable. It was ban enough living through that at the time, I couldn’t stomach a re-run 40 years later.


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