Vintage Miscellany – October 23, 2011

It’s officially sweater weather here in the mountains.  The cashmeres are starting to see the light of day, and this morning I wore a cozy Irish wool turtleneck on my walk.  For the time being we’ll just pretend that the weather is going to stay like this and that winter is a long way off…

*  Maggie of Denisebrain Vintage explains how she determines the size of a vintage garment.  New vintage sellers, take notes!

*  Gucci has opened a museum devoted to Gucci, of course, and they have some interesting features on the website. via @studioartemisia 

*   There was a lot of Harris Tweed serendipity going on last week among some of my vintage pals.  See what Catwalk Creative Vintage, Anne of
Frøken Toft, and Sixcatsfun Vintage found!  And here is the post that got me started on tweeds, at Small Earth Vintage.

*  There is an interesting article on the Kent State University blog about Brooks Brothers and Civil War uniforms.  via @FashionHistoria 

*   Test your color IQ at

*   There has been a big brouhaha over Urban Outfitters usage of the word Navajo in connection with some of their obviously-not-Navajo merchandise.  I’m happy to say that the company was hit with a cease and desist order from the Navajo Nation, and that they have backed down, changing the names of the products on their website.  Interestingly, the campaign for the removal of the word came initially from a blogger, Sasha Houston Brown.

*   Last week Ralph Rucci and Donald Brooks were inducted into the Fashion Walk of Fame.  I love to see excellence rewarded.

*   Raquel Laneri at Forbes reports on custom made jeans.

*   You cannot imagine how much I *need* this little book:  She Bought a Liberty Scarf.

*  In theory I like the new Levi’s website, which is devoted to recreations of styles from their archives.  I just wish they’d have called it something besides vintage.

*  Love Vera?  Here is a must-see slideshow of her work.







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7 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – October 23, 2011

  1. Thanks for all the links Lizzie. You’ve put me in touch with so many cool websites and blogs.

    Now who is that fine lady in sweater and turned-up jeans? Do you know her?


  2. KeLLy Ann

    That’s me in a former Life!
    Love it!


  3. Lizzie, I’ve been wanting one of the Liberty scarf books too! Do you know how to get one? Thanks for your great blog with fashion-inspiring thoughts.



  4. Thanks for linking to my blog – that’s doesn’t happen so often (maybe because I write in danish and most people don’t understand that – so they mostly look at my pictures…I have been thinking of making a litte translator thingy in english below my text…maybe I should do that 🙂


    • Anne the translating is a great idea. I use Google Chrome, which offers to do a translation on pages with a language other than English, and even though it make some very funny translations at times, it is very useful.


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