Early Christmas

Is there any feeling like going to the mailbox and finding a package with your name on it?  And then you look at the return address and realize the package  is not something you ordered, it is from a friend.  I can’t think of anything that could create a holiday feeling any faster or more completely.

Yes, quite unbelievably, a friend actually sent this wonderful box of vintage wrapping paper to me.  Amanda, who lives in Vermont and who runs a greenhouse and sells vintage clothing  knew I’d love this, and she was right of course.  Even though I’ve never actually met her, Amanda is a good friend.

This is probably the most unexpected side-effect of blogging and having an on-line presence.  For close to 15 years I’ve been meeting people online who share my love of vintage clothing, and who are interested in carrying on a conversation about it.  In my “real life” I’m hard-pressed to find anyone who will sit still long enough for me to go on and on about the wonders of Harris Tweed or Vera Neumann, or any other topic that just tickles my fancy.

So I’d like to thank Amanda for the lovely gift, but I also want to thank all of you who take the time to read The Vintage Traveler, and who make such thoughtful comments.  This is such a fun part of my life, and I appreciate having you with which to share it.  So many of my posts are directly inspired by the comments made here and by what I find on your blogs.  I know the word is terribly over-used in regards to online activities, but I do feel like there is a sense of community.

Lately, I’ve worked toward narrowing the focus of my online activities.  It used to be that an adequate online presence was a blog and a Myspace page.  Today, the choices are simply overwhelming, with twitter, facebook, tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Linkedin,  google+, not to mention all the online sites for just fashion people like Independent Fashion Bloggers.  It just gets to be too much.

I’m glad that I’m not trying to make a living off The Vintage Traveler.  You do realize that there are fashion bloggers making in the six figures from their blogs.  To me that is just astounding.  They have relationships with fashion companies, relationships that are highly sought after and coveted.  Turns out the latest buzzword in blog marketing is influence.  How influence is measured is a very tricky thing, but several websites like Klout claim to be able to calculate how influential your online presence is.  The higher your influence, the more companies want to “work with” you.

I’ve decided I can’t worry about my influence scores.  I can see that we in our vintage community influence each other, and seriously, that is simply good enough for me.

So keep adding those great comments, and don’t forget to leave a link to your own blog.  I always visit the sites of new commenters, and try to leave comments too.


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19 responses to “Early Christmas

  1. How wonderful! Amanda is such a thoughtful person. The wrapping paper is delightful. I feel Christmasy just looking at it. My favourite one is the red paper with the man wearing a hat and overcoat. And you’ve got matching tags. Joy!

    I agree there’s a definite sense of community within whatever online interest you happen to have – ours being the love of vintage attire and collectables. The world wide web has made the planet a much smaller place and gives us the opportunity to meet like-minded people. It’s a wonderful thing!


  2. I LOVE the retro wrapping paper. Or is it actual vintage paper? I love your thoughtful comments on vintage – as a person possessed by the past, I am always looking to bring it to my current life. Comments on one’s blog makes all the difference, doesn’t it? I get very few comments but I think it’s because Google makes it hard. I hope to have a new blog location to make it easier to accept comments. I know people are reading, they’re just not commenting. Keep up the good work. The VIntage Traveler is on of my very favorite blogs. Emily at alovelyinconsequence.blogspot


  3. seaside

    First, what a wonderful gift from a most thoughtful friend. Second, I’m amused and a little pleased that in your “real life”, you don’t know anyone who wants to chat about Harris Tweeds and Vera prints. I only know one person who shares an interest in vintage clothing and has a sewing background, and we’ve moved away from each other, in a couple of ways. So, for me, your blog is always interesting and I like your “take” on everything from how Harris Tweeds are made to the disappointment of Project Runway.


  4. Gail Ann Thompson

    All my life I have felt ‘out of time’. It’s only after reading yours and other blog that I realize, I not so odd after all. It’s done wonders for both my attitude and my outlook.


  5. Amanda is a gem and the paper is so precious. Now, will you use it or keep it all to yourself?? Here’s to having online friends to share vintage ramblings with! 😉


  6. Lizzie- as a fellow blogger I have also received the occasional unexpected but lovely gift from a Retro Roadmap reader, and I agree, it warms my heart to think that someone would consider me worthy of such thoughtfulness. And on the flip side of that, I love matching up items I come across with people I know would appreciate them, so I try to pay it forward in that way.

    The amount of work to keep your head above water these days blogging is indeed staggering! And every week there seems to be a new “latest” place that we’re encouraged to spread ourselves thin. I am redesigning my blog so I can have some opportunities for it to generate some income, but I’m very realistic as to how much that will be. And I know that to do it properly, it’s not just the fun stuff, but the admin, analytics, and back end technology that has to be constantly monitored as well, so if there’s any money made it’s well earned!

    For now I get paid in the happiness of knowing that I’m doing my part to spread the word about places and things that I think deserve it, and you can’t put a price on that feeling!

    Keep up the good work! I ALWAYS enjoy reading/learning from your blog!


    • One of the very first gifts I got was that stunning red Pendleton 49er you sent to me, Beth. I LOVE it! So consider that one a matching up success.

      I write this blog because I enjoy “talking” about the things I love. But it is really good knowing that people are reading and are willing to join the conversation.

      Most social media does not appeal to me at all. I like twitter, and find it useful, but facebook is not my cup of tea. I did recently start a page for The Vintage Traveler where I’m posting links to my blog posts. A lot of readers seem to use it because I do get visitors from facebook. At this point, I get so little traffic from other sites that they are not worth the effort.

      It would be very different if I were wanting to make money off the blog. I hope you are successful in that because you do put a lot of work into Retro Roadmap…and it really shows!


  7. Love the wrapping paper! It brings back some childhood memories, that’s for sure. Glad to be in your community, and I do think you are influential, by George!



  8. LOVE the paper and tags, Lizzie! I am so jealous!! 🙂 xoxo Amanda really is the best, isn’t she? 🙂

    also love your blog, it’s one of my very favorite to spend time with.


  9. Oh, that paper is wonderful! Well, you deserve it, Lizzie. Your blog is an amazing resource, but it’s more than informative–it’s a really good read. I love fashion, but I far prefer to read here about Harris tweed and cashmere than to look at photos of a blogger wearing clothing provided to her by one of her sponsors. Your blog has substance, Lizzie. (But you knew that!)


  10. Thanks for being here for us Lizzie. It’s my daily read and a fun way to start the morning. Not to mention that I actually use what you post–My students got to watch that Harris tweed video last week, which is something I wouldn’t have found on my own!


  11. oh, I just love vintage christmas items and am chomping at the bit to decorate for christmas (but I don’t want to start too soon). the wrapping paper with the people inside the ornaments is adorable!
    I also fashion blog for the same reason, someone asked me yesterday what’s the point and I said “do you want to hear me describe peter pan collars for 20 minutes or should I leave that to my blog readers?”


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