Town and Country, February, 1951

It was snowing here in North Carolina earlier this morning, but now it is a crisp late fall sunny day.  I hear it is really snowing in New York City though, so this is for all of you getting that first taste of winter.  Ludwig Bemelmans can make anything look charming!


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6 responses to “Town and Country, February, 1951

  1. Thanks for bringing Ludwig Bemelmans to my attention. I shall do some more research on him. Charming, indeed!


  2. I think he is best known for the Madeline books, but he also was a writer of magazine articles. I have several travel magazines with articles by him.


  3. Bijoux

    I had absolutely no ides it snowed as far south as North Carolina!!!! On a world map you look as far south as North Africa.

    One of the things I love about your blog is that you talk about your local area, the people, the places, the seasons and the weather. It’s a real window into your real world as well as your vintage world. Love it.


  4. earnedbeauty

    I love your site. I fractured my foot recently and can’t get around at the moment but as soon as I can I am going shopping for vintage things. You have inspired me!


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