Ad Campaign – Gloves, 1946

I’m a real fan of gloves, probably because my hands seem to always be cold.  I have dozens of pairs in my collection, but I also buy lots of gloves for me to wear.

If you’ve never taken a good look at the variety of vintage gloves available, spend a few minutes (or hours) on ebay and etsy.  Go slowly, and look carefully, and among all the early 1960s white cotton and nylon shortie gloves, you will find some real treasures: unbelievably soft leathers and suedes, printed leathers, embroidered silks, cashmere lined.  Just don’t settle for the ordinary when there is such an interesting selection.

Another good place to look for vintage gloves is the local antique mall.  Gloves seem to be like hats – you can always spot them in mall booths, even when there are no other clothes in sight.  Odd.


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4 responses to “Ad Campaign – Gloves, 1946

  1. Well all I can say is that great minds think alike! This morning my parcel arrived which included the most gorgeous pair of 1960s tan leather gloves by Miloré. They’re brand new, still in the original packaging with the tag. The leather is so incredibly soft.

    I made the mistake of trying them on and they really are divine. I would love to keep them but they were bought as a gift to my sister – either at Christmas or birthday – I’ve not decided yet.

    The reverse side of the packaging includes washing and full care instructions. Apparently all Miloré gloves were made of washable materials, although it suggests “use only the special shampoo which is on the market and recommended by Miloré.” They also give advice on how best to fit Miloré gloves. Perhaps I’ll post a blog about them after Christmas, once the surprise is over? Yikes! Hope she doesn’t read this! 🙂


  2. BTW! The ads you’ve chosen are wonderful!


  3. I love gloves for probably that exact same reason Lizzie – terminally cold hands!

    I have memories of my initiation of fire when I worked in the accessories department of Filene’s dept. store in Chestnut Hill, MA and working the Glove Counter during a sale – it was crazy but fun. I never knew before then that gloves had sizes etc. Funny to realize there probably isn’t a glove counter anymore, and yet it doesn’t seem that long ago that I worked there. (Doing the math, I realize time flies…)

    While I have multiple copies of the “disposable” gloves you can pick up on clearance at Old Navy for a couple of dollars, today I’m wearing a wonderful vintage pair of kidskin gloves with a wool knit lining. I don’t like to wear them when I have to get the snow off my car, but they’re mosty toasty and oh so soft. (I call the cheapie gloves disposable, because I’m forever taking my gloves off in the car, putting them in my lap, forgetting about them, and then they fall into the parking lot as I get out of the car – I swear I need those little clips kids used to have to keep their mittens attached to their snowsuits!!)


  4. I love gloves! They make you look elegant. There was a time when women hardly went outside their houses without their gloves – and hats. Let the good old days return! 🙂


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