A Certain Shade of Orange

I’m really not a big fan of the color orange, but you can bet it gets my attention whenever I’m out looking for treasures when I spot a certain shade of it.  I’m talking Hermès orange.

Hermès is  one of those brands that is so expensive that the price tags can literally leave one breathless.  I know that I’m always saying that you should buy the best you can afford, making sure that the quality matches the price tag.  Hermès transcends that rule.  Yes, it is pretty much at the top of the luxury ladder, but the prices bring home the meaning of the old saying, “The rich are different from you and me – they have more money.”

What all that really means is that most of us cannot afford to saunter into the nearest Hermès store and plop down $1200 for a wallet, but when out shopping, you should always keep an eye out for it in resale establishments.  It’s rare, but I do run across Hermès  from time to time, and occasionally, I’ve found an item in the original orange box.

Just be aware that there are hundreds of people making their living producing Hermès fakes.  I suggest that you pay a visit to a Hermès store, just to look and feel the quality of the silks and leathers, paying attention to the details.  Don’t be intimidated.  I recently went into the Charlotte store and the salesman was very nice and was glad to show me things even though he must have known he was not going to make a sale.

It’s a rather old fashioned experience – walking into a store where you get the undivided attention of one salesperson.  It was rather nice, actually!

My little find is called a “twilly”, and yes, it is the real thing.  Retail – $130! At the flea market – much, much less.


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4 responses to “A Certain Shade of Orange

  1. Now this is the sort of thing I’d love to find in my Christmas stocking! The packaging is divine. I’d be happy with just the box to display in my bedroom – but having the scarf inside would be perfect!


  2. Gorgeous scarf!

    I have always been a little bit intimidated about going into stores like Hermès but you’re right. Usually the sales people are completely lovely regardless of whether or not they make a sale. 🙂


  3. Mmmm, yes–love that Hermès orange! I have only been inside an Hermès store only once, and I felt very intimidated. (It was to purchase a coffret of Hermèssence perfumes.) But the staff was very helpful. And the packaging is indeed divine.


  4. You are such a clever shopper. Very well done.


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