Closing Out the Season

The flea market season, that is.  The last major one of the year in my area was the Charlotte Metrolina last weekend.  And even though it was threatening rain, I made the trip last Friday.

Over the years this show has shrunk considerably, though the quality has definitely improved.  There are now about ten vintage clothing dealers that I can pretty much count on being there, and they often even have brought things to the show with me in mind.  It pays to get to know the sellers who seem to share a taste with you.

I think there must be an infinitely variety of old stuff out there.  I’ve been junk shopping regularly for 30 plus years, and I’m always finding something “new.”   That’s what keeps it interesting!

Here’s what I did not buy:

This was a nice selection of patterns, but I have so many, and these were not bargain priced.

It would be so easy to collect these old girls’ books if only for the wonderful covers.

The dress this rosette was on was totally trashed, but I’d love to know how to make these.

Cute Valentine!  The arm and the eyes move.

This print dealer is always there, and I always stop and admire the illustrations.  Average price is about $125.

I probably would have bought these unusual Tammis Keefe cocktail napkins had I not been completely out of money.

And finally, one dealer’s dressing room:


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4 responses to “Closing Out the Season

  1. Love the dressing room “curtain!” I also love those cocktail napkins – the black and the teal color combinations are eye-catching.

    I haven’t been treasure-hunting in awhile and this post is making me itch to get back to it.


  2. That’s my idea of heaven!


  3. Those Tammis Keefe cocktail napkins are neat-o!


  4. vintagejenta

    Yes to the cocktail napkins! Prudish Victorian lithographs with cheeky ’50s puns? Yes please! Great finds…


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