Picasso for White Stag Jacket

So how many times have I written about this Picasso for White Stag line?  At least six times, and there will be more as long as people keeping finding me and sending in the photos.  If you have not read the series on this collection, and you love art and textiles, then follow the link to read about this ongoing obsession, and to learn about how it all came about.

This jacket belongs to Pascal, who found this in a thrift shop in the 1990s.  He had been looking for information about it for years until a friend pointed him to The Vintage Traveler.  This is what makes blogging fun, and keeps me at it!

Several weeks ago a twitter friend posted one she spotted in Las Vegas at the Funk House.  And I have  an ad for that one.


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10 responses to “Picasso for White Stag Jacket

  1. Jan

    As much as you’ve posted it, I think someone owes to send you one! What a neat design!


  2. What an amazing jacket!!! I hope you can start building your own White Stag collection, it must be so frustrating to see other’s cool gear! xo


  3. Siddanth

    nice jacket with different color combination.A great design which is worth buying and looks very attractive.


  4. I have one too! and I just posted pictures of me wearing it on facebook!!!


  5. Iris

    I worked briefly at a dry cleaner and one day saw these two fantastic jackets ready for pick up. They were in whites and reds and blues and yellows and blacks. There was a shedevil animal creature printed all over. Picasso of course was signed on there as well.For the rest of my time there i waited and waited for that woman to pick up her picasso clothes (made by a brand that also made my most favorite jacket that I’ve had for over 8 years). When she picked them up I was going to straight off start makin deals for the most amazing pieces of clothing I’ve ever seen. The girls I worked with thought I was crazy going to so nutzo for the awesome dry clean order, but I thought they were crazy.


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