Ad Campaign – Keds, 1922

Keds were first made in 1916, and their only product for the 95 years of their existence has been shoes.  So it was a bit of a surprise when they announced the release of a line of clothing.  It would be, of course, sportswear, as Keds has always been a maker of classic sneakers.

The line is currently being sold at Opening Ceremony in their stores, and online.  It is pretty much what you would expect, primarily sportswear basics such as tee shirts with pants, shorts and short skirts.  But there is also some outerwear and a few dresses.  I was pleased to see that the tee shirts and a few other items are  made in the USA, which was a bit of a surprise as Keds themselves have not been domestically produced for a good many years.  (Be careful if shopping, as the little American flag means only that the company is American owned.  To see the country of manufacture you have to click on the “Details” tab.)

It is a mystery to me why the made-in-China items are so expensive.  I have not seen these in person, so the quality might be extraordinary.  I hope so, because $150 for a pair of poly blend shorts seems to be a bit much.  Anyway my favorite pieces are USA made – the brown and beige ribbed turtleneck and the little white crew-necked shell are great, and I’ll even admit to liking the Keds logo sweatshirt.  But for the most part, I’m really not impressed.

Now, the shoes above are what impress me.  These are the ones in the 1922 ad, and I’m happy to say they are a part of my collection.


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4 responses to “Ad Campaign – Keds, 1922

  1. I’ve been “rocking the Keds” or Keds knockoffs since high school and love their simple elegance. I’m not a sporty person at all so I feel like I’m an impostor if I walk around in running shoes, so Keds fit my lifestyle to a tee! The only thing I’m a bit bummed about lately is the fact that they started to put a little Keds tag on the side of the shoe, like on Levis. While I don’t mind the little blue “bumper sticker” on the heel, I do hate becoming a billboard for a brand, even one I love so much!


  2. Your original 1920’s pair is ‘too cool for school’ so why can’t they re-issue that style again!


  3. It’s so nice to know there are other Keds purists out there. I love my Keds….simple, classic, always in style because they’re never out of style. I only regret the country of origin; it’s a shame an American classic isn’t made in America anymore.


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