Visit to the Scott Antique Market

I rarely go to Atlanta’s monthly Scott Antique Market, and it had been two years since my last visit, so I was past due to check it out.  The Scott Market seems to get good reviews, and there is a lot to like about it, but I left feeling more than a little irritated this weekend.

The show is advertised to open at 9 am on Friday.  I’m always in a hurry when I go there because I know I have to be out of the Atlanta area before rush hour begins around 4.  The fact that the show is located on the far south side of town means that I have a very small window of time or else I get stuck in a 30 mile long traffic jam.  So it is very important that I get there early and get started on what is a fairly large show.

When I arrived Friday morning at 9, I was greeted with the above scene, over and over.  I’d guess that less than half of the booths were actually open for business, and it was not until after 10 that the place was in full swing.  You might guess that this did nothing for my mood, and you would be right.  I tried to back track and see the things I’d missed, but I was really not in the mood to shop with people who should have been there waiting for me and my money!

As bad as that was, the real problem with Scott it that it is not really an antique market.  It’s a decorator market.  While there were plenty of booths selling some wonderful antiques and collectibles, there was a large amount of reproduction items, repurposed items and many items that did not even pretend to be antiques.  Truthfully, if I want to look at ugly droopy dresses made from flimsy jersey in Asia, I’d go to the mall.  There were at least five or six booths that sold such new clothing.

Remember, Scott advertises itself as an antique market, not a flea market.  If I’m paying $5 to get in and shop for antiques, that is what I expect to find.

To make it worse, the problem could be easily solved, as there are two large buildings, so it would be a simple matter to separate the new from the old.  So if a Scott employee just happens to be googling to see what is being written about the market, you might keep that in mind.  Otherwise, another market has just been marked off my list.

And one last thing while I’m getting this off my chest:  I know that one of the perks of being a selling at a market is that you get to shop around before the place is opened to the public, but that is one thing I’d prefer not to be reminded of.  One seller had a whole stack of old pennants that she was selling for $1 each.  While I was standing there looking through the stack she made the comment that I should have seen the ones she’d already sold that morning.  It was five minutes after 9 and I was the only customer in that area.  I imagine some of them ended up here:

Oh well, the day was not a complete bust, as I did find a super pair of 1940s/50s skiing boots and a photo of a girls’ basketball team, circa 1909.  I need not have worried about the time, because I was finished with the Scott Market by 1, which gave me time for another stop before leaving the city.

When faced with extra time in Atlanta, I usually opt for the Chamblee area which has four or five really good antique and junk stores.  But I’ve been wanting to visit a place called Kudzu, and since it was located pretty close to my route, I took a chance on it.  What a great store!  There were lots of booths with vintage clothing, and I found a wonderful cashmere and wool turtleneck for myself.  Calling it vintage was a bit of a stretch, as it was probably from the 1990s, but it was made by Burberry, in Italy, and is soft and thick and simply perfect.

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  1. Hooray for Kudzo!!! They saved the day and put a smile on your face, and mine! Yep I’d be scratching Scots off my list too – that is one nasty trick, advertising an antique market and buyers getting offered rubbish! xo


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