Ad Campaign – Bradley, Circa 1924


Today, I have some delightful photos to share, all courtesy of Richard York, a recent poster who mentioned that his grandmother modeled briefly for the Bradley Knitting Company of Delavan, Wisconsin.

I’ve written about Bradley several times.  They are best remembered for their wool knit swimsuits, but they also made other knit items such as sweaters, shawls and dresses.   A couple of months ago I put in a losing absentee bid on a fabulous late 1930s  wool knit ice skating ensemble from Bradley, with the sweater,  skirt, hat  and even matching panties.  I’m still in mourning over that set.

Richard’s grandmother was Mabel Jennie Gross of Delavan.   She married Edward Munger  (in above photo with Mabel) in July of 1924.  Richard
believes they met at the Bradley Knitting Company.   At some point before 1926 when Richard’s mother was born, Mabel modeled for Bradley, and Richard has sent scans of some photos.

The clarity of detail in these photos is so much better than what you find in photos reproduced for catalogs of this era.  I have a 1922 Bradley catalog, and these photos show the quality of the knitting and the design in a way that just can’t be seen in ads and in catalogs.

So I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.  Be sure to click the link at the bottom to see them all, as I’ve got 14 different photos.  And I just realized I’m in the market for one of those sweater/skirt sets, if anyone spots one for sale.

All photos courtesy of Richard York.


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10 responses to “Ad Campaign – Bradley, Circa 1924

  1. These really are gorgeous. The more fashionable styles are interesting, especially considering they are from 1922. You read so much about Chanel’s innovations in using knits, but products like this makes me wonder how much of a pioneer she was. The knit dress ensembles show that by the early 1920’s knit fashion was available (at least here in the US).


  2. gail ann thompson

    The next to the last one, the one with the buckles; fabulous!


  3. Oh I’m so sorry to hear you lost the auction on that amazing set!! When that happens to me, I console myself by saying that if someone else loved it just as much as me, then it must have gone to a loving, caring home. Thanks for sharing Richard’s amazing pics, my favourite is the dress in the second pic with its tassel-like embellishment near the hem.


  4. Em

    The pictures are simply amazing. I want one of each outfit! It is nice to be able to see the details clearly and to see how the various knits were styled.


  5. Gorgeous! These photos are amazing. And make me really want to cozy up in knitwear like this. I especially love the belted sweater with the tree motif. Thanks to you and Richard York for sharing these!


  6. Oh my! These photographs are so beautiful! The detail in the sweaters is simply amazing! Thanks so much to Richard and yourself for sharing them.


  7. I’m so glad these are being appreciated. Thanks to all for the comments.


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