Now Dasher! On Dancer! Up Prancer! Away Vixen!

Before I’m accused of not knowing the words to the famous poem, I’d like to say this is the Tammis Keefe version – a version for a more mature audience.

You may remember a post from several years ago, where I found one of these Keefe designs that was ripped off and used without crediting her.  I had seen the cocktail napkins on one of my favorite etsy stores, CallMeJasper, and was wanting them badly, but could not manage the justifiably high price tag.  I did eventually break down, return to the thrift store and buy the plate, but I’ve been looking for a set of the napkins ever since.

You might imagine me, walking through the antique mall on Tuesday, hoping something would catch my eye, and then I look down and there they were, a complete set of eight tiny slight tipsy reindeer.  I snatched the set up and hoped for the best as I turned the price tag over so I could read it.  $12.  I felt like a bandit as I ran to the counter to buy them before someone realized that just one of them was worth more than that.

And so it is in the collectibles business.  Sometimes you have to over-pay to get a marvelous thing, and other times you find a bargain of the very best kind.

Merry Christmas to me!


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8 responses to “Now Dasher! On Dancer! Up Prancer! Away Vixen!

  1. Those are to DIE for!!! I love them!


  2. hahahaha! How fun! I love these!


  3. So wonderful! I love them! I think the ‘oh! cupid’ is my have. 🙂
    Have a fabulous Xmas Liz!


  4. These are amazing! Perfect Christmas present to yourself.


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  6. Spectacular! Lucky Lizzie!


  7. OMG, that is an amazing score! It is always such a huge thrill to find treasures marked as trash. And by the way, thank you for the shout-out for my etsy shop, callmejasper. I am honored 🙂


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