Ad Campaign – John Meyer, 1973

This ad for clothing maker John Meyer should put to rest the ugly rumor that the Seventies was the “Decade that Taste  Forgot.”  Looking at this photo I can see the roots of some of my own ideas about style.


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15 responses to “Ad Campaign – John Meyer, 1973

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  2. I love this ad Lizzie, and mentioned it on my blog – see pingback!


  3. Saw this from CatWalkCreative. She’s got a great ad too. I recognize a lot of my own style–definitely my mother’s style!–from this ad especially. The pumpkin knit sweater, the scarf & especially the gloves. I always wear them.


  4. Love it! So classic…love the hat, the skirt, the high quality sweater.


  5. Love it. Great color…and plaid!


  6. Tracy H

    I LOVED John Meyer clothing in the early 1970’s. I seem to recall there was also a more youthful (perhaps junior sizes?) label put out by the same manufacturer called “Emily M”. Does anyone else remember that/ is that correct? I had a girlfriend who each season got almost every piece in the John Meyer and Emily M line … I can still see the clothes piled on her and her younger sisters’ beds!!! Luckily they were very good friends and she let me borrow! I can still remember some of the pieces. They were lovely quality. Whew, thanks for the memory!


  7. Wow, I agree. I love this look especially the color combo. For me, it looks a bit like a 1970s does 1930s sort of look with the hat and longer skirt.


  8. This is gorgeous! Love the plaid skirt and combination of colours, and especially that hat!

    The slogan is spot on too!


  9. I am the daughter of John Meyer (Emily is my younger sister). I have been putting together an archive of the company, and am so thrilled to see fans here. Please enjoy the pinterest board that I have been using. And… I would LOVE to hear your anecdotes. I recently got a suit at a vintage sale, and the seller told me that the owner had kept it in her closet for years “because of all the happy memories”. Best, Elise Meyer


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  11. Very stylish indeed ! Love the shades, the materials, the design, a beautiful blending and a real touch of class.


  12. doing some John Meyer research tonight, and found this post of yours, Lizzie ~ i love the ad, and i, too, really love John Meyer sportswear. thanks for sharing, and how neat that his daughter found you, too! xoxo


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