Ribbon, Part II

I really appreciate all the ideas I was given for using the super vintage ribbon I found last week.  I’ve actually tried some of them out already.

While I was in a retail environment last week, I couldn’t help but notice that ribbon seems to be pretty popular, at least in stores like Brooks Brothers, J. Crew and Ralph Lauren.   What was so shocking was the poor quality of the majority of ribbons used.

The watchbands and key rings at Brooks Brothers in the photo above were fairly nice, but the quality just does not compare to my vintage ribbon.  And the “leather” on the key ring was not leather at all, but rather, an imitation.

Also noted:

These ribbon and webbing belts were an embarrassment to the store’s name.  These are for little girls where quality is not always a consideration, but still, they reminded me of the cheap belts that come with a dress.

I really like the use of ribbons on the inside of a sweater opening, but this one was scratchy.

And a similar one on the neck of a cotton tunic.

These flip-flops were similar to the ones I linked to in my previous post, but these are not made in the USA.

What I came way with was a super appreciation of my vintage ribbon.  There is just no comparison.I did spend a few hours working on projects.

Working in dog rescue, I’ve gone through a lot of leashes, but I always save the latches.  Now I know what to do with them.   I stitched two thicknesses of the ribbon and attached it to the latch for a simple key ring.

I made a reversible ribbon belt by stitching two different ribbons and attaching a ring on one end and a latch on the other.  I’m not happy with the ring, so I’ll be replacing it with a smaller, rounder one.   I’m getting ready to made a chambray shirtdress, and the belt will work nicely with it. (I’m quite sure I’ll be taking that puffy cap off the top of that sleeve.  Sorry Mr. Hechter.)

And finally, I loved the hatband idea so much that I went through my hats to find one that needed a touch of color.  This was my first attempt at millinery, but I was happy with it, and Sunny, the neighbor’s dog approved of it as well!


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2 responses to “Ribbon, Part II

  1. Reversible ribbon belt–so clever! Your hatband looks great, too–love it with the madras on your top/jacket.

    Faux leather at Brooks Brothers?!? Ay yi yi.


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