Tennis and Accessories and Bracelets.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets, photo courtesy of Anjolee

Today we are accustomed to seeing tennis players sporting flashy jewels, thanks to the Williams sisters and Andre Agassi, but there was a time that  jewelry on the court was limited to basic, undistracting pieces.  Perhaps a simple gold chain or a wristwatch would be acceptable, but other than that, it just was not a part of the outfit.  I can remember when girls in my gym class had to remove all jewelry when on the court, and that was in the early 1970s.

It seems like tennis players have always been trend-setters: Suzanne Lenglen and her hair bandeau and Jean Patou tennis frocks, Helen Wills and her visor hat, Gussie Moran and her frilly panties, and Chris Evert and her diamond bracelet.  According to the ad below, she first wore the bracelet in tournament play in 1979, but it was an incident in 1987 that supposedly led to a bracelet made of a straight line of diamonds being referred to as a “tennis bracelet.”

During the 1987 US Open, Evert’s diamond bracelet experienced a latch failure, and she asked for a halt in play so she could retrieve it.   I’m not sure which came first, the incident or the fad, but tennis bracelets were a big deal in the late 1980s and into the 90s.  Even my mother-in-law bought one!

photo from

She may not have gotten the bracelet named for her, but Evert knew a good thing.  We soon had the Chris Evert Jewelry Collection, where all the clasps were secured and latched!

In the 80s, if it was a tennis bracelet, it was a solid line of clear diamonds.  Today, tennis bracelets are a fashion staple, with practically endless possibilities of stones and metal designs.  Maybe that was because so many people had the pure diamond version, and they wanted to branch out a little.  Who knows?

In my post last week about online customization of products, I mentioned that the jewelry company, Anjolee, asked me to design a bracelet using their site.  I got the bracelet yesterday, and think it is simply lovely.  Would this be considered a tennis bracelet?  I’m not sure, but you can definitely see the influence of it.  This is their Alternating Gemstone Column Bracelet.  When using the customization feature, you get to choose the color and carat of gold, the size of the column, the gemstone ( garnet, topaz, citrine or peridot) and the length.

I’ve got to say that the quality of the bracelet is exceptional, with clear stones and carefully crafted gold.  I am very pleased with how “my” bracelet turned out.  They have a full line of gemstone and diamond bracelets, so if you are in the mood to treat yourself, their site is definitely worth a look.

And a big plus – unlike Chris Evert, I’ll not have to worry about this one coming loose.  It has a very secure double latch!

Bracelet courtesy of


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3 responses to “Tennis and Accessories and Bracelets.

  1. Sue

    I loved the history behind the bracelet!


  2. Cat

    So THAT’S why it is called a tennis bracelet, eh?


  3. Leah

    Pretty! You did a great job of designing your bracelet.


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