Ad Campaign – Mary Quant Crayons, 1973

We tend to associate Mary Quant with the 1960s and the Mod look, but apparently her name was still selling in 1973 when this ad was seen in Seventeen magazine.  These body crayons in brighter colors came our a bit earlier – some sources say 1966, while others say 1969.   They were a sort of all purpose makeup, but it was also suggested that one could use them to draw designs on the skin – sort of a 1970s temporary tattoo.

And the back of the tin, with a Mary Quant Blush Baby.


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13 responses to “Ad Campaign – Mary Quant Crayons, 1973

  1. This was FABUUUULOUS I loved Mary Quant she was the height of haut couture to me in college


  2. zelle

    That’s Amazing…! Have you seen fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada boxes, plumiers for crayons and so and so? It’s the same flower design.
    …and more, like Gal cosmetics. But yet, she not only designs flowers. I bet she got inspired in M. Quant.


  3. I ❤ Mary Quant. These crayons are amazing 🙂


  4. Elise

    Great to see this old friend again. This box was in my makeup kit when I went to college in 1972! And it got some workout that Halloween as body paint. (nope. No details Sworn to secrecy.)


  5. Bijoux

    I worked my way through 2 of those boxes, back in the day.I was lucky,my later sister in law was a Quant make-up demonstrator and I wore loads of Quant makeup for years. Loved the Blush Baby blusher in heather, I still wear similar shades. Remember ‘Face Shapers’?And I still have her popup brush.40years +.Not a bad buy. Still wear ner EDC when I can get my hands on it.


  6. Such a great advertising campaign. I love the simple design of that case and the crayons look fun! Of course Mary is a legend! 🙂


  7. Karen Kaplan

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing that.


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  9. I had those, and loved them. I was an aspiring makeup artist in my teens and they were the most exotic part of my collection. They were really high quality, the colors were great and they blended incredibly well.


  10. Wow, that ad is amazing! I actually have the crayons in front of me, two missing but have them. I am interested in selling them and I wondered what would be a fair price? Does anyone have an idea or would like to buy them? I also have a cosmetics case, sractched but still Mary Quant.
    Mail me 🙂


  11. Nina

    I am a 57 year old woman and I had these crayons in the 70’s! They really were a lot of fun. You could use them anywhere on your face and body. It was a bit of a challenge to remove but well worth the fun. Wish I still had them.


  12. Mag

    I had them in 71 and they sucked. That said I always was drawn to the packaging but all her products make-up and underwear were not very good in my opinion. Just being honest. Sold her line in Hollywood in the early 70s.


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