Vogue, March 15, 1942

A vest, properly worn.  Too marvelous for words…


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9 responses to “Vogue, March 15, 1942

  1. Oooh I just got a 4 pc wool 1940 set back from the cleaners- vest


  2. Ruth

    I wish there was a way to see the inside of the old Vogues of that era–so lovely fashions! I was in a library once that had old boound volumes of Woman’s Day, etc., but haven’t seen anything like that in years now.


  3. Just gorgeous; I love her vest!


  4. Oh, this is perfect! The stripes. The colour. The pairing with grey. LOVE IT!


  5. This is a very classy outfit!


  6. Did you see Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2012 collection? Whatever one may think of Ms. Zoe, it had a lot that was pretty fab, and the plaid pantsuit with vest reaaaaally caught me. It’s the first look on this page:


    Perhaps not quite as zippy as the red-and-gold number above, but very, very sharp!


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