Butterick 3126

Well, I’ve got a new sewing project to share.  Seems like I always gravitate toward those 1970s Butterick Young Designers, and this time was no exception.  I was looking for a fairly straightforward shirtdress, and this pattern from Daniel Hechter fit the bill.

As with so many designs from the 70s, the collar looked huge in the drawing, so when I cut the piece, I made it considerably smaller.  Still, after stitching up the thing, I still thought it was just too large.  If you are a sewer, you know that at that point, the thing to do is to take the collar off and recut it.  But after removing the collar, with the band still attached, I decided that I liked the look of the dress with just a collarband.

Too big…

so a whole new look.

And here is the finished product.   I didn’t make the self-belt.  They always come off as looking too matchy-matchy for my taste.  And I have about a dozen belts and scarves that will work nicely at the waist.  When I think of chambray, I automatically think of red accessories, but what other color would make this look a little fresher?


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14 responses to “Butterick 3126

  1. Yellow is always good with blue. And the band collar looks very clean and sharp.


  2. Before I even finished the arIticle and simply looked at the dress. I immediately thought “red shoes”. I love scarfs, so I would pair this with something with reds and yellows. As a matter of fact, almost any color can accent this dress. Great job!


  3. Lovely! You did a great job on the details!


  4. vintagejenta

    Mint green! With some green wedges or flats and maybe a silk scarf with some green and blue in it.

    I like it better without the collar too. So simple and chic.


  5. You’ve done a great job there Lizzie! I also prefer the dress without the collar. And agree that almost any colour would work with this dress. A silk scarf, wedge sandals and large shades would look oh so chic! 😉


  6. My vote is for yellow, too. Of course, I always vote for yellow for most anything!
    It’s a shame I didn’t find you sooner. I gave away dozens of 1960’s-70”s patterns a couple of months ago to a friend who was going to take them to rural Mexico.I know they’ll put them to good use, but you might have appreciated the styles more.


    • I think I just heard a collective intake of breath when you wrote that you “gave away dozens” of great vintage patterns (and fabric, I dare say?). Next time, come on over and offer ’em up, we will fight over them and leave only torn scraps for the dogs!


  7. I vote yellow! Or maybe even a bright orange. Chambray seems neutral, like denim. I love this dress–and love it collarless.


  8. yellow or emerald green would be good with this to give it some spring zing


  9. Yellow or orange always looks great with blue. Or you could team it with a tan brown belt?

    Love the dress!


  10. Bridget

    Love this! I’d pair it with brown leather or a floral scarf 🙂


  11. Very crisp. I’m going through a pale yellow phase at the moment, so I’d be matching it up with a yellow belt and 3/4 cardie!


  12. I appreciate all the suggestions. I guess the best thing about a dress like this is that there are so many different ways to accessorize!


  13. Just had to leave my two cents: the dress looks smashing with the band collar! I concur that red accessories, like a vintage or vintage style canvas D-ring belt would set off the look perfectly.


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