Vintage Miscellany – February 26, 2012

We had winter yesterday.  No seriously, it was cold and blustery and actually felt like the end of February, unlike the rest of this winter which has felt like the end of March.

I love this beach scene, where some people are quite covered up, and others have taken the plunge into the water.  Can you imagine, power line poles placed in the sand, for crying out loud!  And the brick “dune” is interesting.  I’m hoping someone might be able to identify the place, which of course, is not noted on the reverse.

And on to the news:

*   It was New York Fashion Week, and Zelda Kaplan died while attending (or maybe shortly thereafter) the  Joanna Mastroianni show.  Well, it takes more than that to stop the show!

*  And can you guess how much revenue the two fashion weeks generate for the business of New York City (hint: guess high.)

*   I know the second season of Downton Abbey is over, but we can still discuss the clothing, can’t we?

*   What has happened to all the old empty textile mills across the South?  In some cases there have been interesting conversions to retail and living spaces, but so often, they are just torn down to make way for other development.

*   Shoe Icons has been around for a while, but Jonathan at Kickshaw Productions reports that there have been some major additions to the site.

*   My friend Lynne sent a link to a marvelous 1941 book, The Ways of Fashion, by M.D.C.Crawford.  The entire book, courtesy of Cornell University.

*   And since I’ve already featured her once this week, here is an article on Diane von Furstenberg, and how she has endured in the fashion world.

*   Here’s what the world really needs – another reality show about consignment stores.  Sure to be a “don’t miss”  House of Consignment starts March 21 on VH1.

*   And if that isn’t enough, Oxygen has another one – Thrift Wars – in the works.

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