Liberty, Just Because

Lisa, who owns Five and Diamond, a vintage clothing store in Hudson, New York, sent me the links to photos of three lovely Liberty of London dresses that she bought recently from an elderly lady.  I couldn’t help but think that I’ve have worn these when they were new (in the late 1960s or early 70s) and I’d wear them today.  Nothing like a fabulous Liberty shirtdress to stand the test of time, is there?

Thanks to Lisa for sending the photos my way.  As I said, she lives in New York but her mother lives right down the road from me in Flat Rock, NC.  Small world!


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6 responses to “Liberty, Just Because

  1. Liberty shirt dresses are wonderful. I just love the prints on them and that black floral one is particularly lovely!


  2. Lovely, and I agree with Teresa–that last one is especially nice!


  3. Susan

    I forsee myself searching for a dress as sweet as the first and last.

    Even the label here is lovely.


  4. Ruth

    These are more like what I saw in the mid-60’s, truly comfy and brings back happy memories!


  5. These are gorgeous!! I especially love the last one!

    x Aliya


  6. Ooh, how wonderful! I’m now thinking I should turn some of my Liberty lawn stash into summer shirt-dresses. Perfect!


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