Label Lovliness

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you might have already seen this feature in the March 4 edition of the LA Times Magazine.

I’m happy to say that I had a little to do with this, as Cary Georges, an editor at the magazine contacted me about using some images from the VFG Label Resource for an upcoming 50 Things feature.  Several VFG members contributed labels, which I passed along to the magazine, and I also put Georges in contact with labelmeister Chris Kluge. 

All told, it made for a stunning display – no historic information – just art.   It  amazes me that people can do a feature with only images.  I always have to stick in my own 2 cents (or more often, 3 cents) worth.  For a closer look at the labels, the feature is online.

I contributed the two I’ve circled.  The “BANG!” label is from a wonderful mod dress, made in Italy.


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8 responses to “Label Lovliness

  1. How gorgeous they are to stand on their own! But I agree, I too like to know a little more about them. Glad I started photographing the labels in my own vintage clothing – not many of them are as noteworthy as these, but they are great historical artifacts.


  2. So good to see the VFG and Joules Vintage featured along with your good self. I’d also appreciate some information to go alongside the labels, but I suppose it would have taken considerably longer to put the article together. Shame.

    The labels are glorious little works of art aren’t they? Just stunning! Love your ‘BANG!’ label – such fun! 🙂


  3. Those are gorgeous to look at–both in a group and on their own. I love a pretty, cute, or just plain funny label!


  4. What a fabulous editorial dedicated to those little label tags. There are some fabulous choices in there! Love the Charm and Pendleton ones.


  5. That is so nifty! I wish I could pick up a copy!


  6. congrats on having some of your labels in the feature – the layout is stunning, but it definitely leaves me wanting to know more history!


  7. I love discovering beautiful and quirky vintage labels and this is such a gorgeous way to display them.


  8. SO awesome! I just learned about this in the VFG Newsletter so I’m late to the game, but it’s really lovely. I wish I had it in print. Visually gorgeous!


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