1940 Travelers Memo Book

This little memo booklet is the type of thing I pick up at the flea market for 50 cents, and then get it home and wonder what I’m going to do with it.  The truth is, I’m a sucker for anything printed with a map, especially something vintage.  So I picked up this sweet little thing one day, and now I just have it hanging around where I can enjoy looking at it.

Even in 1940, the person who picked up this freebie at the Bank of America took it home and put it in a drawer and promptly forgot about it.  So many things of this type survive by lying in a messy desk drawer for 60 years or so, to see the light of day only when it comes time to go to a retirement home, or for the family to start sorting through all the stuff.

Then at the estate sale, some dealer buys the entire desk drawer contents, piles it all in a box, and takes the box to the flea market where ephemera lovers like me prowl through it for that perfect little gem.

Like this little memo booklet.


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8 responses to “1940 Travelers Memo Book

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only “map-a-holic” out there – I would’ve picked it up myself. And yes, maps are great, I could spend all day reading them!


  2. Thank You for posting the details, it is wonderful …it makes me feel I’m right there with my parents in real time


  3. That is sweet. And so nice to find in its original state.


  4. seaside

    This is really charming. Thanks for the photos. I would pore over something like this and imagine life as being simpler – but it probably wasn’t really.


  5. I love little vintage books like this!
    I have a little McCall’s 1963 Appointment Diary which I adore. It’s full of wonderful etiquette tips too. 🙂


  6. If I wish I had that on our driving tour of the West last year. It beats the little steno pad I used in a major way!


  7. Love that…the map is so cool, as are the fonts! The photo in my Blogger Dashboard preview completely caught my eye, even before I knew it was a post from you.


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