The Good Stuff

This super 1960s beach cover-up was an etsy find some time ago.  Actually, I didn’t find it, Kim at The Girl Can’t Help It did.   She posted about it on her blog, and I couldn’t get to etsy fast enough, hoping to find it still for sale.  It was and I made those magic five clicks that made this great print dress mine!

Seriously, reading blogs is like having personal shoppers.  Find a few that share your sense of style and stalk their finds.  And many bloggers who are also sellers use their journals to give shop previews.  There’s nothing like getting a head start when it comes to finding the good stuff.

And this is an example of the good stuff, not because it is valuable, or not because it was an expensive item when it was new.  No, this was a cheap item, and I’d guess the original owner paid less than $4 for it new.  It’s cheaply made, and the fabric is thin.  No, the value is purely in the print itself, with the colorful umbrellas and the legs and the lifeguard focal point.    It says a lot about the time in which it was made, so reminiscent of that Connie Francis movie, Where the Boys Are, except this has to be Where the Boy Is.


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5 responses to “The Good Stuff

  1. seaside

    Best yet!! It is my favorite of all your wonderful posts!


  2. I totally get where you’re coming from. I can imagine your delight at finding this little beauty. And those big yellow umbrellas look like slices of fruit! It couldn’t be more summery! A wonderful find. 🙂


  3. lemur178

    Fab dress and I remember Kim featuring it. Such a shame that she seems to have stopped as her blog was always such fun. Her Atomic Tuesdays were my favourite and I found many vintage lovelies thanks to her that way!


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