US Kedettes Capri Clogs, 1951

Are these as cute as I think they are?  Sometimes I think I may be overly influenced by the messages sent by the advertising.  In the above ad from 1951, the image of the little colorful boats awaiting their turn, ready to enter Capri’s Blue Grotto hits my travel bug hard.  So I’m thinking maybe I’m being swayed by what I would like to be doing while wearing thess Capri Clogs, rather than being in love with the shoes themselves.

Then I take another look at them, and think, “Naw.. it’s the shoes!”


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6 responses to “US Kedettes Capri Clogs, 1951

  1. They look pretty cute to me!


  2. Oh, dear. They’re gorgeous. I’d like a pair in orange! Theadora (I also dig the advertisement. It did the trick then. It’s doing now!)


  3. Teresa

    So adorable!


  4. purple soles? straw vamp? and nice little purple ankle ties–this is too cute!


  5. Comfy soles, funky straw uppers, ankle ties … what’s not to love! M x


  6. I would never call them clogs, but yes, they are darling. I would wear them!


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