Vintage Miscellany, April 8, 2012

So, how did they balance those over-sized hats in the early days of the 20th century?  It took a lot of hair and a lot of hatpins!

Hopefully you have a new hat this Easter, and are ready to show it off.

And on to the real news…

*   Mad Men is back, and everyone is on high fashion alert.  I’m going to have a few things to say about this season’s 1966 looks,  probably after the season ends, but in the meantime, here are a few interviews with the most popular gal on the interview circuit, Janie Bryant.  One  Two Three

* Time magazine has picked “the 100 most influential fashion icons since 1923, the beginning of TIME”

*  I really enjoy reading the Find My Past blog where  photo expert, Jayne Shrimpton, analyses  family photos.

*   That Thing Called Good Taste – about the revival of Mark Cross leathers.

*   USA Today featured quite a few members of the Vintage Fashion Guild in an online feature – 10 Great Places to Shop for vintage Clothing.

*   Jonathan at Kickshaw Productions posted what might just be the very first fashion video.

*  Time is running out: Charles James: Genius Deconstructed, at the Chicago History Museum.  Through April 16, 2012.

*   Who says you can’t find good stuff in thrift stores any more?

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  1. LOVE the fashion video on Jonathan’s blog. 🙂 xx


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